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Clarisonic Mia- 20% off Coupon – Pay Only $95 + Free S/H – Clarisonic Mia


Only $95.20 + Free Shipping

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The Clarisonic Mia skin care brush is a scaled-down model of Clarisonic Classic. This unique gadget was created by the very same company that procuded the Sonicare tooth brushes and it makes use of a sonic technology which will generate 300 movements/second to extensively clean and make your skin soft and smooth as a baby’s bottom! The Clarisonic skin care process is a deep-cleansing treatment method that is sensitive enough to be employed on an every day basis and the brush literally brings the cleaning procedure to a whole new level by getting a lot deeper in to the skin pores, while at the very same time revitalizing, which consequently makes your skin absorb your skin care items more effective. The Clarisonic brush additionally removes dry skin, which will make your skin feel incredibly soft.

When compared with the Clarisonic Classic brush, the Clarisonic Mia might be though-about as its “smaller sis”. It includes all of the wonderful aspects of the Classic, yet in a brand-new, smaller size. It’s the perfect lightweight cleansing system for use in your own home or whenever traveling.

The primary distinction, besides the measurements, would be that the Mia offers merely 1 speed in contrast to the Classic’s 2 speeds. However, it is an superb product and one you must check out!

Some advantages of Clarisonic Mia:

* It removes 6 times more make-up than manual cleansing
* Leaves skin feeling and looking softer
* Makes skin soak up skin care products more effective
* Mild enough to be used daily
* Will help decrease oily and dry areas and skin blemishes
* Enchances the appearance of noticeable skin pores
* Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
- Clarisonic Mia creates noticeably healthier looking skin.


The Clarisonic Mia gets rave reviews online. It gets pretty much 5 out of 5 stars everywhere.  Here are some of the reviews:

I heard such great things regarding Clarisonic Mia, that I had to find out for myself personally. I had done a lot of research, and people thought Clarisonic Mia was less complicated to handle, more affordable and performed just as efficiently as the costlier models.
After using it for 1 month, I can truthfully say my skin is feeling smooth like silk!  A lot of articles I studied about the Clarisonic Mia mentioned the cleansing action enables your skin cream to be better soaked in to the skin, due to the fact that the delicate exfoliation un-blocks the skin pores and reveals fresh, clean skin.

I really love that the Mia is waterproof, which means you can use it in the shower. In other words, I can have a magnificent facial treatment while at the same time my hair conditioner does the job! It is such a wonderful sensation that it is nearly disappointing when the gadget automatically turns off after 1 minute. The more high-priced Clarisonic designs beeps every couple of seconds to inform you you should move the brush to a new area of your face. I won’t be needing that ability, as I think it comes natural to keep moving the brush around, almost like an electric tooth brush. The Clarisonic Mia is a lot more compact and more light-weight than the other Clarisonic models. Personally, I cannot consider anything bigger. I’m afraid it might fall out of my hands into the shower.

The charger is a cool little magnetic disc that sticks to the product whilst charging. It’s so tiny, it would be very easy to bring along on a trip. I didn’t have to re-charge as of yet, however, after 21 days, you should put it on the charger. The instruction pamplet says it should hold a charge for about 20 days.

I have by no mean any regrets having purchased the Clarisonic Mia. I strongly suggest you try it, since I believe it’s one of the greatest skincare items I have every tried.

The woman who gives me facial treatments uses the Clarisonic Mia brush to cleanse my face prior to beginning. I was having several acne breakouts around my chin (hormonal) and I decided to give this a shot and see if by any chance it might work for my skin. I made the decision to try the Mia, simply because I like the smaller size and it is ideal for traveling, which I do often. I use it two times/day, morning and evening, and I haven’t felt any skin sensitivity. I don’t think that I’ve had any further breakouts since starting using this item, as my skin was already having breakouts priot to using the Clarisonic Mia.

The facial cleanser that was included was good, but not crucial. I personally use an organic foaming cleanser that I bought from my facialist and have had amazing results. My skin is fairly sensitive (I am fair skinned red head with a lot of allergies), and I was at first worried that this would be way too irritating to use twice a day. I’m glad to report that I have had no problems! I truly believe this aids in clearing my pores and enables my facial treatments and skin serums to work better.

I understand that to some people this is a costly and considered a luxury product, but for me, the Clarisonic Mia has paid for itself. I don’t have to spend lot of money anymore on acne medications that don’t work. I still get the infrequent breakout, however, the zits heal rapidly and are very small in size. I’m happy to report that I no longer break out around my chin area and under my jaw line. My skin is far more even toned, considerably less flaky, and has a glow. In the event that you use pricey skincare products, I would HIGHLY suggest this as a supplement to your beauty regime.

It will definitely assist you in getting the most value for your money, since you get such great results out of all of your skin serums, cream and treatments!

I initially read about the Clarisonic way back in 2007 while working at a major department store at the Estee Lauder counter. Throughout the Christmas season, the moment we would stock the counters with Clarisonic products, we would sell out immediately and this was at $300 each. Lately, I heard of the scaled-down version (Mia) and thought I should try it out. Clarisonic truly stands up to their statements. I have always believed in exfoliating the skin a minimum of 3 times a week.. I use the Clarisonic Mia daily with my Lauder cleanser and I cannot say enough good things regarding this item.

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10 Responses to “Clarisonic Mia- 20% off Coupon – Pay Only $95 + Free S/H – Clarisonic Mia”

  1. Thanks for this voucher – very useful! In Australia this would have cost me about $350 to buy.

  2. Laura says:

    Excellent coupon and it worked on Jan 3, 2011!

  3. Cathy says:

    I purchased the Clarisonic Mia for my sister. The coupon worked for the $29.80 and the free shipping, but not for the $5.96. The total of my order was $119.20

  4. Sarah says:

    coupon worked on Jan. 30, 2011

    Thanks a bunch :) i was hesitant about buying till this coupon

  5. admin says:

    The 5% ($5.96) is something you get “paid” from the actual merchant in Rewards Points as stated in my post. You can use these points towards any future purchase.

  6. Ally says:

    Coupon worked 3/13/11! :)

  7. Jackie says:

    Coupon worked 3/19/11. Not only discount and free shipping but NO SALES TAX! Thanks!

  8. clarisonic says:

    Excellent coupon and it worked on Jun 3, 2011!

  9. vitto says:

    I have problem skin, it’s sensitive, oily, and I get cystic pimples. It’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve started cleaning with this tool and what a difference! I used to get dry flaky skin around my pimples, now there’s none. My skin texture is a lot smoother. I have big pores with blackheads, that has lessened considerably. Overall, my skin feels 10x better since using the Mia. It’s easy to use, and cleans very deeply. I love it.

  10. Wendy says:

    It worked 1 June 2011, thanks!