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Lego Star Wars Death Star – $40 off Coupon – $359.99 + Free S/H

Lego Death Star


LEGO Star Wars Death Star Coupon

Pay only $359.99 + Free Shipping

10% off coupon code: ZKCCO8VB
Expires: Unknown

1) Do a search for “Lego Death Star” when you get to the merchant’s website.

2) Add the product to your shopping cart and copy and paste the coupon code at checkout.





Every person that likes the Star Wars films will definitely love the Lego Star Wars Death Star. It’s a full duplicate (16″ in dimension) of the one you can see in the actual movie and has a variety of cool features. You’ll discover several decks,  turbo-blasters, a control room, a firing canon, and numerous additional elements. Furthermore, you can re-enact a lot of of the events that happened, due to the 24 miniature figures which are enclosed. This incorporates the entire cast; such as Luke Skywalker, Hans Solo, Vader and a big number of Storm Troopers and the Emperor’s royal guards. And you also get the mouse droid.

So what are some of the advantages?

Any person from the age of 12 and up will appreciate the Lego Star Wars Death Star. Although younger kids may have seen the Star Wars films, they would probably get very irritated attempting to assemble something which has 3,803 pieces. Nevertheless, it is a project the entire family can work on and get pleasure from doing together. Or you may simply need something that keeps an older boy or girl busy, which this undoubtedly will do. You will find loads of instructions to study, organizing pieces and assembling properly and this alone could take several days to finish. Even so, the completed item is one that’s extremely comprehensive, to the point where you may think it came right out of one of the Star Wars movies. OK, it is a toy version, yet you will certainly be amazed. Even the Death Star’s super-laser is provided to generate your own personal real life fights.

And how about the disadvantages?

As a result of the large number of tiny pieces that is included in the Lego Star Wars Death Star, it’s considered a choking risk for kids younger than 3. You also have to think about the high price, which is far more than you would assume, especially in case you are not an serious collector. It is likewise essential to be aware of what exactly your child’s personality is. In the event that he or she loses interest very quickly when doing different things, the odds are they will not finish this task by themselves. This is where a parents help comes in to play due to the complex components and instructions. This is the reason why the age of 12+ makes a lot of sense.

The majority of customer reviews gave the Lego Star Wars Death Star a wonderful rating. So get ready with several hours/days of excitement and to interact with each other as a family unit. Exactly how long it will take to complete depends on the number of people helping out..  Moms and Dads who left customer reviews claimed their kids thought it was one of the best gifts ever.

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3 Responses to “Lego Star Wars Death Star – $40 off Coupon – $359.99 + Free S/H”

  1. Christina Pramudji says:

    Great tip!!! So thrilled to get a discount on this BIG ticket item. Thank you very much!

  2. Cassandra says:

    This is great! Product still available and coupon code still works!!!

  3. Jerry says:

    Great. Still worked 06/28/2011.